Director Drama Heats Up On 'Dredd'

From LA Times:

It's not often that a director of a major action film is asked to step aside as the movie enters its postproduction phase. But that's what has happened with director Pete Travis and "Dredd," the remake of the 1995 Sylvester Stallone vehicle "Judge Dredd," casting a pall over the anticipated reboot.

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darklordzor2818d ago

I'm sure it's happened before, but I can't honestly think of a time when a director has been booted at this point in production.

CPO2818d ago

We think a bigger question is should this re-make have been made in the first place?? The original was borderline crap, at least in our eyes.
Just kidding, or are we?? :-)

darklordzor2818d ago

No, you're right, but a crap movie based on a good property is normally good ground for a reboot (I mean, could you imagine if they had left the Batman series at Batman & Robin?), but I honestly never felt the need for this movie either.

I hated all of the pics that have come from it so far, and now with them cutting the director, I've really lost all faith in the movie.

MinimeJer052817d ago

Reminds me of all the talk back when Punisher: War Zone was struggling in post. Hopefully Dredd turns out. I'm very interested in it, not having seen the previous one.

Quagmire2816d ago

I dont have very high hopes for Dredd, Thing and Total Recall. Dredd looks to take the serious darker tone than the cheesy corny Stallone flick, which I havent seen, but Total Recall is looking to take the piss. I mean seriously, a PG-13 flick? Are you shitting me? The Arny TR film was EPIC, why would you want to ruin the magic. Thing looks meh tbh, squeezing out juice from an already squeezed lemon.