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It is is time start the television renewed and cancelled list for the 2011/2012 season. Follow the link and you will find the list of TV shows that have either made the cut, or find themselves burred in disappointment. If your show is not listed anywhere on this list you should be very pleased. Although never get your hopes up until you see them on that renewed list.

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alycakes2812d ago

Most of their cancellations were on the money but there were a couple that I didn't agree being The Closer on TNT and another show I really liked was Chaos on CBS. I think Chaos was one of those shows that wasn't shown on a good night and wasn't given the right time slot or promotions to give it a chance for people to watch really was a good show.

nonameken2812d ago

Chaos could have done well on another network. CBS has a lot of well preforming shows. That some shows just have to be let go to make room for more new ones. A network like NBC, with a new owner. Expect them to make a lot of changes. Even more so than they already have. So expect this list to get filled up quick.

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nonameken2810d ago

There have been a few updates.