Darren Aronofsky Asked Joel Schumacher For Advice When He Was Making Batman: Year One

CB says

Even though Joel Schumacher became famous for making the silly, garish, nipples-on-the-batsuit Batman & Robin, it's easy to forget that was the second Batman film he made for Warner Bros., after taking over the franchise from Tim Burton and making 1995's Batman Forever. And when it came time for the studio to make another Batman movie without Schumacher as it turns out, he had a hand in that too, though not in any movie we ever saw. Before Christopher Nolan took over with Batman Begins the studio was figuring out a lot of ways to move on with Batman, and at one point had Darren Aronofsky working on an adaptation called Batman: Year One. At some point during that development back in 2001, Aronofsky turned to the person he knew who'd made a Batman movie and asked for some advice. Here's how Schumacher told it to me today:

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