First Official 'The Avengers' Trailer Coming in 5 Days - Confirmed

From TMP:

While many have speculated and rumors have run rampant about when The Avengers trailer would hit, we finally have full and official confirmation that we'll be seeing it 5 days from now.

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darklordzor4193d ago

Freaking awesome. I knew it was going to be soon, but didn't expect it this soon. I was seriously thinking that November would be the month.

JL4192d ago

I'm not gonna get my hopes up for it being anything more than a teaser trailer. Then maybe a full trailer attached to The Muppets or something.

darklordzor4192d ago

Oh absolutely, there's no way it's not going to be a teaser. I'm sure it won't be a full one, but you never know. If they bring in enough footage from what they showed at D23 and the upcoming NYCC they might be able to do a full trailer.

Either way, I'm not expecting anything too long and I am definitely not expecting to see the Hulk.

alycakes4192d ago

It better not be just a tiny little teaser....been waiting a long time for this. It will probably be the trailer that they're going to show at the New York Comic con this month.

darklordzor4192d ago

I doubt it. What they're showing at NYCC is probably going to be another sizzle reel like they did at D23.

Soldierone4192d ago

Didn't we already get a teaser though? Not sure if they will push out another one or not. It is a rather large movie so it is possible, I guess I'm just hoping its not.

JL4191d ago

I dont think we have. We've had a sizzle reel like dark mentioned. And we've had teasers where they attached "peeks" to other things (like Captain America). But I havent seen an actual official teaser trailer.

MinimeJer054191d ago

Looking forward to this. Hopefully we get some actual footage.

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