Mary Elizabeth Winstead Doubts She’ll Be Back For ‘Die Hard 5’

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Says She’ll Be Playing Mary Todd From The Ages Of 19-46 In ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

After a series of smaller parts in “Live Free or Die Hard” and “Death Proof,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead set geek hearts aflutter as the quirky, purple-haired vixen Ramona Flowers in “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.” Now Winstead is starting to step up to where she belongs: into leading lady roles. While her latest part is in the prequel, “The Thing,” that’s just the first of the big projects on the horizon for the actress, ranging from a big-budget vampire flick to an indie dramedy.

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JL4011d ago

Eh, big deal. Not like her character is exactly vital to that world. All we care about is John McClane kicking more ass. He doesn't need his daughter around for that.

That aside, "Mary Todd from the ages of 19-46"? Wow that's a big gap. Could be very interesting to see how she handles that range.

alycakes4011d ago

I kept wondering where I had seen her when I was watching the trailer for "The Thing". Over and over again and couldn't think of where. Then it hit me like a ton of of my favorite movies...Scott Pilgrim vs the World, she's the girl he was fighting was the hair that threw me off.

It will be interesting to see her play that part in Abraham Lincoln vampire movie.