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First Three Twilight Movies Will Be Back In Theaters On Tuesdays Next Month

With The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 set to hit theaters next month, it’s likely that a lot of fans of the series are planning to rewatch the earlier films in preparation for the next chapter of Edward and Bella’s story. If you’re among them, you may be able to see all three of the previously released movie on the big screen again.

Want to watch Edward and Bella's courtship play out on the big screen all over again? Fathom Events is teaming up with Summit Entertainment to re-release Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse in theaters on Tuesday nights next month. Here’s the schedule:

Twilight on November 1
The Twilight Saga: New Moon on November 8
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on November 15

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darklordzor4188d ago

As Darth Vader would say.....


DarkBlood4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

i was going to post a link where you press the button and hear the actual sound lol but it looked like spam oh well

anyways its going to make boatloads of money with that stunt

darklordzor4188d ago

Yeah, it's going to make a lot of money and it just makes me sad. Believe me, I don't have blind hatred for these films or anything, I've actually seen them, and nothing about them impresses me. The story seems like it could actually be good, but they aren't told well in the movies (nor the books really).

alycakes4188d ago

Totally agree with you. They were done very bad movie wise. They have no spunk at all. So boring it's not even funny. The 3rd one had a little bit of action that was a little more entertaining and didn't put you to sleep but I really was surprised that people loved them so much when they were so boring.

DarkBlood4187d ago

and thats not all its just part one for breaking dawn expect a rerelease in theatres again november 2012 before part 2, im sure the last thing the screaming fans want to do before the end of the world is watch all 4 in theatres lol

Cat4188d ago

So, what do we think - any chance this Twilight thing will one day be a snuffed out candle of pop culture weirdness suitable only for trivia questions?

JL4187d ago

Oh definitely. This franchise has fad written all over it. The candle will burn out on this onr not long after the final movie releases. Especially since the target audience is teen girls really. And that demographic is a fickle bunch that will just move on to the next hot franchise.

There will always be that small fanbase who were original fans of the books. But the majority of "Twihards" came from the movies. So they'll be over it once the movies play out and that craze will be forgotten soon enough.

DarkBlood4187d ago

well harry potter is out of the way then soon twilight series next year

but it wont be the end of the trend thats for sure, i can bet you theres going to be something similiar in the making to draw in them people :P

JL4187d ago

Oh yea there will definitely be something to come along and take Twilight's place. They'll option other "young adult" franchises (Legendary already has).

Thats my point though. Twilight will be forgotten as the majority of the fans move on to the next hot thing. We might see some residual effects of the franchise as studios try to recreate that magic in an effort to find its replacement, but even that will pass soon enough.