The Playlist's NYFF ‘11 Review,‘4:44 Last Day On Earth’

The Playlist:
There’s something very wrong in Abel Ferrara‘s “4:44: Last Day On Earth.” The world, as the title would suggest, is coming to an end, and Ferrara, the fuck-you auteur behind “King of New York” and the non-Nic Cage-adorned “Bad Lieutenant,” is content with keeping things inside a spacious apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There aren’t any fireballs ascending heavenward, or steely buildings splintering into a million computer generated pieces. The anguish here isn’t global, but personal, and instead of millions of people, Ferrara zeroes in on an arty couple, played by Willem Dafoe (channeling his “Antichrist” persona of earnest concern, except with more levity and less genital mutilation) and the young Shanyn Leigh.

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alycakes2782d ago

Still it's a movie with the last day on earth....who doesn't want to see that?