Behold! Julia Roberts as Evil Queen in 'Snow White' -- First Look

She was the Pretty Woman. Now she’s one bad mutha … Well, step-mutha.

Julia Roberts’ Evil Queen in the still-untitled Snow White movie from Relativity Media (out March 16) certainly looks imperious, but she does not wear her wickedness on her sleeve (there’s already plenty going on there as it is.)

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alycakes2814d ago

I'm not sure how i'm going to feel about all these fairy tales being redone as regular movies. One of my favorite movies is Snow White and I hope they don't go and ruin it with a movie. If they do it right I guess it's okay but I'm still with the animation one being the best probably.

JL2814d ago

I have no faith in Tarsem Singh really. Haven't like anything he's done. Though Immortals is looking like it could be ok.

alycakes2813d ago

Yes, I have been a little skeptic on this myself since the beginning and I think I've said so before. I do tend to repeat myself. However it's only because I do feel like they ruin stories sometimes for us.