New The Dark Knight Rises Set Footage Featuring Bruce Wayne Limping With A Cane & More

CBM says

Some new photos of The Dark Knight Rises LA shoot have surface on the web. The new videos & images feature shots of Bruce Wayne driving his Lamborghini, and walking around with a cane!

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Crazay2809d ago

I don't think that ANY of the information in the actual article would surprise anyone but....if you're really concerned with potential spoilers - as in breaking it wide open - Avoid clicking the link to the page.

alycakes2809d ago

I couldn't see him very well but that was the car he usually uses.

Crazay2809d ago

Ya it is kinda tough to see it but he is clearly walking with a limp of some sort - What i found to be most interesting was the actual article and what was reported as being heard by the Gotham reporters as he was walking inside.

alycakes2809d ago

I watched it again and I could just barely make it out but yes I saw it.

scvddmg2809d ago Show
scvddmg2808d ago

Loser can't handle facts, get a real job.