Outrageous Film Characters You Didn’t Know Were Based On Real People

Empire Online: Fiction is full of great writers with great ideas, dreaming up the most fantastical worlds where we can lose ourselves. But sometimes the best stories come from the real world. With a little exaggeration, artistic license, or 'reimagining', these things can be the premise of a bloody good film. After all, some people live remarkable lives, so why spend all that time dreaming up a scenario or character when you've got a good story right there? Here are some very different personalities that you might not know were real (or partly real), ranging from faithfully reconstructed biography to outright fantasy.

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alycakes4188d ago

Well, I knew about the one with Leo in it being based on an actual person. The movie had been done before called 'The Great Imposter'. Leo's was also done because it was based on an actual person's life and of course it wasn't done down to every detail but a lot of it was true.

Don't know much about the others though.

Cat4187d ago

That movie has one of my favorite opening credits sequences

jony_dols4187d ago

Speaking of con-men films, wasn't Jim Carrey's character in 'I love you Phillip Morris' based on a true story?

Cat4186d ago

Yeah, I guess with con-artists fact is stranger than fiction

Cat4187d ago

I didn't know about 50 First Dates!

JL4187d ago

That was the only one I didnt know either. The rest seem kinda obvious.

Rocky and Taxi Driver are classics, I would figure by now any movie fan would know they're inspired by real life people. At least Rocky.

And Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal, werent they both even advertised as "based on a true story"? I even wanna say they show the real Frank at the end of that movie and point out that he's the real one.

Cat4187d ago

I def feel like it was "part" of the movie experience that you know that they were/are real - and I recall seeing Frank, as well???

JL4187d ago

I thought so. Like you said, that was part of the appeal for me. I distinctly remember thinking that kid must have had some brass balls to do some of the stuff he did lol

Now that I think about it, I even remember notes at the end like "The real Frank and agent whoever still remain friends to this day and celebrate christmas together every year".