Five Best Movie Robots

Yahoo: One of the hallmarks of science fiction films is the robot. Robots have appeared in movies since the days of silent film, and at times they are even the highlight of the movies they appear in. With the boxing robots of "Real Steel" duking it out in theaters, it's an ideal time to look at some of the best robots on film. A quick qualifying note: This list is for robots only, so don't look for "The Terminator" because his organic components actually qualify him as a cyborg.

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JL3432d ago

What about Blinky? :p or Johnny 5

Cat3431d ago

Too many robots to love... I'm just happy my fave, Iron Giant, made the list. :D

Quagmire3430d ago

No mention of Optimus Prime? Sure the Bay-formers films were a disspointment, but c'mon, he's just as Iconic a robot as the rest of them. Dat Voice!

But yeah, suprised Johnny 5 didnt make the cut.