Summit and Twilight Producers to Develop In The Flesh Based on Teen Novel A Certain Slant Of Light

Collider says:

Summit Entertainment as purchased the spec script In the Flesh, an adaptation of the teen ghost novel A Certain Slant of Life. Kristin Hahn penned the script based on Laura Whitcomb’s novel, which centers on the ghost of a young woman who died 130 years ago. Her guilt prevents her from moving on, and she falls in love with another spirit who teaches her how to inhabit the body of a mortal whose spirit has died.

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JL2809d ago

So...Ghost (Patrick Swayze) meets Twilight then? They're really combing through these teen/"young adult" novels since the success of Twilight aren't they.

alycakes2808d ago

Sure sounds like that's what they're doing. Also sounds very interesting. Might even be a little on the creepy side...if you know what I mean?