New Man Of Steel Set Photos Feature Bearded Henry Cavill as Clark Kent

New set photos have surfaced for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

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alycakes4192d ago

He looks kind of sexy with a beard.

DarkBlood4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

hmmm girls find beard sexy huh :P i shall grow one lol jks

i find the beard odd because superman never grew a beard once from anything i seen though i can be proven wrong as a fact though i just thought with his powers n all would keep him fresh

but this movie is going for a bit of realism after all so makes the movie all that more interesting

JL4192d ago

Yea i've never known him to have a beard either. Of course I was never into comic books so I'm not an expert on this.

I actually find this to be very interesting, though. We've already seen pics of Superman and Kent without a beard, so obviously this is temporary. Now if we look at movies in general, temporary beards like this are used to give the character a gruff and grizzled look after they've been in hiding for a while. Or possibly when they've fallen on tough time, though then it's usually just stubble.

So, the question arises: what type of trouble has Superman got himself into? Or what has he been hiding for?

alycakes4191d ago

Good question JL. That would be what I would be inclined to wonder myself. However he can keep the beard and just clean it up a bit. Women do love that by the way.

Cat4191d ago

I think the hipster trends are making beardyness way more popular with the ladies - women *used* to ask me if I "actually liked" my husband's facial hair.

alycakes4191d ago

My ex had a very nice beard at one time and all the women loved it. I have always gone more for the scruffy look as long as it's well kept and clean.