Brett Ratner Says He Didn't Have a Say in $59.99 VOD 'Tower Heist' Test

THR says

On Wednesday, Universal and parent company Comcast said they will make Ratner's upcoming action comedy available on premium VOD only three weeks after it opens in theaters.

In April, Brett Ratner joined James Cameron and 20 or so other directors in opposing a premium VOD test offering movies for $29.99 only 60 days after their theatrical release, saying it would erode the moviegoing experience.

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Crazay3439d ago

Asking people to pay $60 for a movie on Demand 3 short weeks after it's theatrical release is brutally dumb. If they really want to make a system like this work, they need to a) make the price point more attractive and b)don't try and launch the concept with a movie like "Tower Heist".

I thought the idea was to wait 6 weeks then make it available on Demand systems. why would they change that?

JL3438d ago

I think the original idea was 6 weeks after release for $30. Now they're maybe trying to test the boundaries on that idea and see if they could get double the money for half the time...?

I wouldn't even pay the $30, let alone $60. Especially not for this movie. Not any movie. It's just a rip off. I'll just pay for the theater ticket if I'm that eager to see a movie. If not, I have no problem waiting the ~4 months to get it on DVD/Blu-ray. There's no way I'm going to pay $30 or $60 for a movie and not own it.

alycakes3439d ago

That's robbery! I wouldn't pay that. I'm going to see it for 5 dollars and then if I like it buy it for 15 dollars and still come out ahead.