Javier Bardem in Negotiations to Voice Villain in 'Despicable Me 2'

THR says

Javier Bardem is in negotiations to voice a new villain in Despicable Me 2, the sequel to Universal and Illumination’s surprise 2010 hit.

The first movie followed a villainous mastermind, voiced by Steve Carell, who connects with his paternal side when the trio of orphans he hires for an evil scheme melt his icy heart.

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JL2782d ago

A sequel, really? I don't care for the idea of that I don't think. I liked the first one, but a second doesn't seem like a good idea. Part of the appeal of the first was watching Gru fighting almost from turning from villain to good guy. That transformation. Now he's made that transformation and can't go back. Can't be up to nefarious deeds, etc. Without that, he'd just have to be a hero, and that doesn't sound right (or all that good).

Crazay2782d ago

I get what you're saying but maybe, he's actually still doing all those things and the kids are following in his footsteps? Or maybe he's gone "good" and the kids are turning into what he was. Either way I'm all for the sequel. I suspect they just may surprise you JL