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Is This What The Rebooted Godzilla Will Look Like?

InfamousKidd says

Legendary Pictures has been going hard at rebooting the GODZILLA franchise, in the hopes that they can bring the legendary monster to American audiences and have them be entertained, something Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Americanized version failed to do. It may have made money at the time, but let’s not use that as some type of justification for the final cut. That movie downright sucked.

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Crazay3440d ago

I think the sculpture looks sharp. I;m a big fan of that.

morkendo233440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

why would GODZILLA need to be rebooted?? its not like it is GREEN LANTERN's movie. now that suck monkey balls

FlashXIII3440d ago

I don't see what all the hatred was for the 98 Godzilla film.I guess I never really bothered looking at the Godzilla franchise before but I thought it was a pretty good movie.. seeing Godzilla tear up New York was it? It was like Cloverfield meets Jurassic Park.

one2thr3440d ago

Me too, but it seems as though most people(excluding me) liked to see a guy in a rubber suit..... Pathetic really

Crazay3440d ago

I don't get all the hatred either myself, However, having said that, there is something to be said about the rubber suit because it's kinda of an iconic look for the Godzilla movies. I think it's be fun if they could do the same thing now with newer better technology.

arjman3440d ago

Andy Serkis playing Godzilla using Avatar mocap perhaps?

DeFFeR3440d ago

They already have that... it's called Power Rangers.

Welcome to 2011 movie goers, everything is allowed to look better than it did in the 50s.

Quagmire3440d ago

Looks bloody brutal. Loving the design.

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The story is too old to be commented.