Fulci's Zombie is Heading Back to Theaters and It Looks Incredible

STYD says:

One of the best experiences I had at this year's Fantastic Fest was getting another chance to see Lucio Fulci's Zombie on the big screen again. But this was no ordinary viewing. What I got to see was the beautifully restored print. Rich colors, amazing detail, it was incredible. Shortly after the screening, Blue Underground confirmed for me that what I saw was in fact it's forthcoming Blu-ray disc. Good God, it looked amazing.

The great news is, you'll be able to check it out for theaters. Blue Underground just passed along the following press release, poster and trailer.

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Crazay4188d ago

I've had this movie for AGES on DVD. Actually got it back in the day when was a good site and they offered rebates for DVD purchases when DVDs were on average $50-60 each if you bought movies in bulk.

Its an awesome movie for anyone zombie fan.