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Five Reasons Why The Avengers Could Beat The Dark Knight Rises at The Box Office

CBM writes:
People are always arguing about who will come out on top at the box office next year between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Most think The Dark Knight Rises will come out on top, which is very likely. But, this inspired me to think of a few reasons why The Avengers could come out on top.

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edwest3438d ago

Interesting article. Though I would say this: The Avengers franchise has only peaked with Iron Man 2 with $623 mil, the others have averaged out between $450-$250, unless (a) the hype really pays off or (b) the movie is good enough to ensure summer legs beyond the inevitable blockbuster burnout, then it could fly.

The mistake of the Avengers (if this theory comes to pass) is to think that crossovers will double (or quadrupal) the gross of the previous pictures. Sure, this may be an easy feat given The Incredible Hulk's weak run, but as Freddy vs Jason and AVP have proved: Two franchises packed as one only make as much money as one of either franchise's movies.

Consider this though, even if TDKR turns out to be ass it'll gross at least over a billion because of the investment in the story that audience is primed for. Debate online is raging for how TDKR's plot will unfold, Avengers seems to be catering simply for fan service at the moment, outside of Loki (and maybe the Skrulls) there is no real hype around the villians of the movie, or even what is in store storywise beyond a colourful tag team.

alycakes3438d ago

I think they'll beat out the other superhero movies of the summer. Not sure about the Dark Knight though.....that's a big question mark there.

DrGonzo3437d ago


1. if you are talking way, Batman has a much wider audience and can be appreciated even if you dont like comics

2. If they are talking from a story perspective, again, no. If they couldnt get characters right in their individual movies, how could they make it work when there is a whole load of them? It will be as shallow as a kiddy pool.

ThatArtGuy3437d ago

Directed by Joss Whedon who has a much well proven track record of handling multiple characters extremely well.

MinimeJer053437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

While I agree with the points of Disney and kid appeal, I don't think Hulk or crossover will help The Avengers much at all.

The Dark Knight Rises is really up in the air at this point. A lot of people argued the reason for TDK making so much was because of Ledger and his buzz as The Joker, well TDKR's intake will prove that to be true or false.

The Avengers will be successful, but not as successful as The Dark Knight Rises. That is almost a guarantee.

Noctis Aftermath3437d ago

I don't think it will do as well as the dark knight done, but i do believe it will beat the avengers easily.

Batman simply has a wider audience IMO.

krazykombatant3437d ago

I really don't see the reasons stated other than the wide audience appeal to be any great factor.

Personally I don't like the Iron Man movies, I find battles with the bad guys to be wayyyy to anti climatic. (just when you think the fight is about to get really intense.. BOOM bad guy is dead all of the sudden.) Furthermore, whats with superheroes always having to deal with some sort of hindrance until the end of the movie???

Spidey 2, he was losing his powers, Iron man he lost his energy core, iron man 2 he was sick...

I think Thor was alright, I found it funny and for the most part it was good, don't know why they needed a love interest, but its hollywood.

Capt. America in my opinion is the only good Marvel movie out of the bunch that has come out lately.

TDKR is going to be awesome, I'm not too sold yet on some of the things i've seen but in nolan we trust.

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