More Disney Classics Getting The 3D Treatment

Due to the success of The Lion King 3D, Disney has announced that more classic films are getting a 3D makeover.

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Soldierone3438d ago

Who here called it? haha, Knew this was coming a long time ago!

DarkBlood3438d ago

probably toy story movies will get the 3D treatment

damn in a way im getting a little excited in my mind

now all i'll need is a cheaper 3D tv to come out so i can try any 3D stuff i have at home

Garethvk3438d ago

They already did the Toy Story movies in 3D a couple of montsh before part 3 came out.

koouunn3438d ago

come on man, as much as i love classic disney movies u cant just keep doing this,
alothough i would like to see fantasia in 3D, hmm that would be sweet