Kirsten Dunst Says Sci-Fi Romance ‘Upside Down’ Is Like An Accessible ‘Brazil’

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For a moment there, it seemed like Kirsten Dunst might have found her career floundering in the wake of the Sam Raimi‘s “Spider-Man” trilogy, but not only has the actress found her footing, her upcoming roster of the films would be the envy of any thesp in Hollywood. There is no better indication than “Melancholia” that Dunst is moving in a new direction. While opinion may be split on Lars Von Trier‘s film, there is no denying that Dunst’s turn in the lead role is easily the best performance of her career, and those on the Croisette thought to too as she walked home with the Best Actress prize for her work this spring. And unlike the events in the film, the future for Dunst after “Melancholia” is looking very bright with a number of promising projects on the horizon.

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