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TV Guide's 6 Burning Questions From House's Season 8 Premiere

TV Guide:
Season 8 premiere once again proved the show's mantra: People don't change. Even in prison.

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Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) was the same old curmudgeon he always is, whether he was expressing (false) remorse for running his car through Cuddy's house to the members of his parole board only because that's what they wanted to hear or making another doctor's diagnosis look stupid. But even if House is the same old House, the premiere, which found the good doctor trying to save a mysteriously afflicted inmate while also scavenging to find 20 Vicodin pills for a jailhouse gang leader, proved the world around him certainly has changed. For starters, by episode's end, he's still behind bars!

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alycakes3441d ago

House just can't be good in any surroundings. I was not surprised watching the first showing of House when he got himself into more wouldn't be House if he didn't. That can get old after some time though.

Next week he'll be going back to work under some conditions and that will be interesting so I'll be watching again. You know...just like when you go to the races and you see a crash but you can't look away.