Watch All Six Episodes Of The Walking Dead Web Series

CBM says:

The zombies of AMC's The Walking Dead! Get your first look at the web series with "A New Day" and "Family Matters."Now see all 6 episodes!

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Crazay3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I'm not gonna lie - I can't freaking wait for next weekend. Also, I really wish I was home right now so I could watch these.

Also, note that all 6 episodes are available now, FW just limites the number of characters in the video embed location and all I could get in there were these.

alycakes3431d ago

Yep, getting ready for the first one myself. Hope it's good.

gotgame19853431d ago

these episodes were to short they should have been atleast 10 to 15 minutes long. but they are still very good, just not long enough.

hazelamy3431d ago

what the hell?
one and two can't be viewed in my country?

what is the fucking point of regional lockouts for web exclusive content?

what kind of retards run these networks these days?