Is an R Rating Really a 'Kiss of Death'?

JL of Filmwatch writes:
In this day and age, it's no secret whatsoever that Hollywood studios has reservations about making R rated movies. When given the choice, most of the time they'll want to edit and cut an R rated movie to drop it down to PG-13. The reason behind this is quite simple: Money! But is this behavior justified?

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alycakes3434d ago

You would think that the PG13 movies would do better because you would have a bigger audience of wider age range but I guess that's not the case according to your figures. I find that surprising. I still don't think an R rating to be bad and i don't think they should take something that might be vital to the story away from a movie just to clean it up. That being said, most of the time you don't need a lot of the bad stuff to tell a good story either.

The studios will continue to do what's best for their pocket books in the long run.

jony_dols3433d ago

Gore Verbinski's Bioshock film didn't get the green light from the studios, because he refused to turn it into PG-13 family friendly movie.

JL3433d ago

"The studios will continue to do what's best for their pocket books in the long run."

That's kinda the point here, though. Is it really as good for their pockets as they seem to think? Looking beyond the surface seems to imply that rated R movies are just as capable at making money as any other rating.

Prophet-Gamer3433d ago

But isn't it more difficult for an R rated movie to break out than it is for a PG13 rate movie? Other than a few exceptions the large majority of top grossing movies are PG-13.

JL3433d ago

That's what this article is about though. Yes a majority of the top grossing movies are PG13 movies. However, that's because also, PG13 movies are just more commonly released mainstream than R rated movies.

About 30% of movies made are R. About 30% of the top grossing movies are R rated. Thus, stands to reason that the reason PG13 dominates the charts is because they dominate in releases period.

If 50% of the mainstream releases were R rated, then it's very possible we could see 50% of the top grossing movies being R rated movies.

Not to mention, studios just aren't inclined to push R rated movies with marketing as much as they are PG13, thereby "sabotaging" R rated movies even more.

DarkBlood3434d ago

i think even some true based storys might of fit the pg13 which is little off thinking kids might actually want to see stuff like that

MinimeJer053433d ago

I honestly think that films should be made with NO rating in mind. The director should make what he or she wants and let the MPAA be the last thing they worry about.

I hate when R rated films get cut down to PG13 or when a director tries to insert more stuff for a random R instead of the kid friendly PG13.

I prefer R rated movies, but if the film was meant to be PG13 then I can't really hold it against them.

JL3433d ago

Personally I don't care what the rating of a movie is. If it's good it's good. My problem only comes when they try to water down a movie just to make it fit into a PG13 rating.

Like you mentioned though, that's not to say PG13 movies should have stuff added just to make it R rated either.

I completely agree on the whole idea of just make it how you want to make it. Then let the chips fall where they may when it comes to the MPAA.

Soldierone3433d ago

The only time I think an R rating or PG 13 destroy movies is when they are meant for the opposite one. For example a movie gets an R rating because somebody simply said the F word one too many times....come on, you can't walk down the street without hearing it a good 10 times in real life.

And PG 13 is bad when a studio wants money so they cut out that violet scene or "fix" the language, take out that boob gets choppy and lame. I mean look at Shark Night, did anyone go see that movie to actually watch the movie? Ha no, everyone sitting in that theater wanted it to be as close to a porno as possible and have tons of violence.

Meanwhile I think a movie like Sucker Punch would of been better if he was allowed to make it an R rating.