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Hugh Jackman Talks His Return to Broadway and Gives Update on The Greatest Showman On Earth

"In addition to pulling off the brooding action star thing from time to time, Hugh Jackman is also very much a song and dance man. He won numerous awards, including the Tony, for his starring turn in the stage musical The Boy from Oz, and later this month Jackman is returning to Broadway for a 10-week run of Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway. Steve recently got the chance to speak to the actor about his upcoming sci-fi pic Real Steel, but the actor also talked about returning to Broadway, how he chose the songs he’s performing, his love for the stage, and he also gave an update on the P.T. Barnum-style movie musical The Greatest Showman on Earth."

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DarkBlood3443d ago

lol anyone remeber the awards show shifting from being wolverine to singing, that did not sit well with me :P