Player Affinity | Dream House Review

Player Affinity writes: Dream House is a B-movie with A-list talent and a story that's an F-minus, maybe worse. It's not just that we've seen elements of this film a thousand times before. Rather, it's the nonsensical composition of them that boggles my mind. Where's the sense of dread, the slow-burn pacing that's so integral in horror thrillers like this? And the editing is a disaster—the order of events is so unnecessarily convoluted that you'll need a chart to keep track of all the subplots that are dropped and picked up again throughout the film.

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alycakes3439d ago

I'm hoping to get to see this movie at the theater but I'm not sure I will. I'll have to go see it by myself probably so I'm not so sure I want to do that since it's going to be a little on the creepy side. However it's also one of those that you just can't stay away because I want to know what happened. Who did it?

DarkBlood3438d ago

id tell you but not anymore lol, its interesting the twist is nice, theres a part at the end that gave me the wtf

i saw killer elite that day as well and i like Dream House alot more but yeah you should see it you'll like it

alycakes3438d ago

Now I want to see it even more...maybe I can talk someone into seeing it with me. Even my sister doesn't like movie like that but I think I can bribe her.