Orci, Johnson Talk Trek Comics, Movies And More says:, over the past several weeks, has been reporting on IDW Publishing's ambitious new Star Trek comic book series set in the Star Trek (2009) universe and depicting Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the Enterprise crew in stories based on classic TOS episodes -- and paving the way to the next feature film. Now, we're pleased to present an exclusive interview with Mike Johnson, who penned the sold-out first issue, Star Trek #1: "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and upcoming issues, and Roberto Orci, the co-writer of Star Trek (2009), who is on board as the project's creative director. Johnson and Orci talked about the Star Trek comics, Star Trek (2009), the upcoming Star Trek (2009) video game and even a little bit about the next Star Trek feature.

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StarWarsFan2786d ago

I didn't love the newest Star Trek movie as much as other people have cheered about it.

alycakes2786d ago

I wasn't a big fan of the older ones and I really enjoyed the one that JJ Abrams did so I'm just the opposite. I'm looking forward to the next one. It wasn't the greatest movie ever or anything like that but it was entertaining and i hope the next one is better.