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José Padilha Wants Michael Fassbender As His Robocop

Bleeding Cool says:

Michael Fassbender is truly the man of the moment, attacking ambitious pictures of all genres, from Shame to Prometheus, X-Men: First Class to The Dangerous Method. And he’s consistently good in these movies too, making smart choices and bringing more than his sheer charisma to the screen.

So, really, it’s no surprise at all that Robocop reboot director José Padilha wants Fassbender to take a look at the lead role. He’d be mad not to.

Appearing on Brazillian TV channel Globo 1 to discuss the selection of his film Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within as the country’s official nomination for Oscar consideration, Padhila also talked a little about his Robocop plans.

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StarWarsFan3442d ago

I can see him in the role, I suppose. Then again, all you see is the lower part of the face in the Robocop costume either way and he doesn't come out as much as a superhero in a costume.

3438d ago