'South Park' Mid-Season 15 Premiere Preview: Cartman Has Ass Burgers

The Huffington Post says:

After the incredibly dramatic mid-season finale of "South Park" last June, fans of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's now 15-year-old show can finally get some catharsis when it picks up again this Wednesday. Or so we thought.

By the look of the first preview clip below, Stan's case of cynicism -- which had fans worrying season 15 of "South Park" could be its last -- appears to be taking a backseat to another disease, this time afflicting Cartman: Asperger's Syndrome.

We're not sure whether this episode will revolve around another one of Cartman's rouses or keep up the serious tone of the mid-season finale (and based on Parker and Stone's writing process, they probably don't know yet either). All we can tell from this clip for sure is that there will be buns (and puns).

"South Park" returns this Wednesday Oct. 5 at 10:00 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.

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