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Grant Morrison To Write Rogue Trooper Movie

Bleeding Cool:
Hidden in a piece for the Daily Record, comes the news that after Grant Morrison has finished writing the DinoGsaurs Vs Aliens movie for Barry Sonnenfied, he’ll be writing a movie based on the 2000AD comic character created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons in 1982, Rogue Trooper.

The lead character, Rogue, is a futuristic gentically modified soldier grown as much as he is trained into the role, acccompanied by three sentient computers, each with the personality of a different, deceased soldier. These are manifest as his gun, backpack and helmet.

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alycakes3435d ago

Sounds interesting enough but it's still a long way off so I guess we'll be hearing more of this in the future.

Soldierone3434d ago

He actually wrote some interesting Justice League comics so it is pretty interesting. Plus the movie itself sounds rather awesome!