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Universal Soldier TV Series in Development

Coming Soon says:

FremantleMedia announced both the reboot of "Universal Soldier" as a TV series and the new drama series "Blood & Treasure," from the creator and executive producer of the "National Treasure" movies, at MIPCOM 2011 in Cannes today. First up is the "Universal Soldier" announcement:

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darklordzor3444d ago

Freaking awesome. I love Universal Soldier. I really hate how the movie franchise got off track and started to suck. Hopefully this could be a good series.

Crazay3444d ago

I'm with you DLZ. The crappy thing is that no matter how much I wish for it, we won't get Dolph or Jean-Claud to reprise their roles in the series.

StarWarsFan3443d ago

The series is awesome. A television series is just.