Batman’s in Big Trouble in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (Video)

Batman-News says:

Big thanks to Christian Hall for sending in this awesome set video from The Dark Knight Rises. The scene here was shot in Los Angeles last night, and shows Batman speeding down the street, being chased by at least 30 police vehicles! We know that Batman was on the run from the cops at the end of The Dark Knight, could this scene be a continuation of that? We’ll have to wait and see, but seeing this on the big screen would make for an awesome opening scene in The Dark Knight Rises.

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Crazay3401d ago

Meh - the videos aren't all that crazy but it sure looks to me like the police are hell bent on catching him.

Nes_Daze3400d ago

LOL, batpod passes by and then like 30 police cars or more follow him, poor guy can't catch a break.

StarWarsFan3400d ago

Did the entire LAPD get involved with that scene? Was there anyone protecting the streets for real at the time?

MinimeJer053400d ago

I was just wondering the same thing. MY GOD that is A LOT of police.

DarkBlood3400d ago

i wonder how much has been paid lol

JL3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I'm willing to bet that those aren't the actual LAPD. I know around here that police stations have lots for decommissioned patrol cars and whatnot. So I'm guessing they just used old squad cars or decommissioned ones with stunt drivers here.

NaViTo3400d ago

You're right, off course. Real police are not Stunt Drivers.

Nunchez3400d ago

Holy shit! That's a crapload of cops!

alycakes3400d ago

This really doesn't show anything.

felonycarclub3400d ago

well it shows that the police is after him? duh

alycakes3400d ago

That goes without saying...but it shows absolutely nothing new.

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