Will the 'Transporter' TV Series Deliver

An adaptation of Luc Besson's film franchise is supposed to be a game-changer, but on-set turmoil threatens the future of one of global TV's most ambitious projects.

On the eve of MIPCOM, the drama swirling around the international co-production Transporter is being eyed closely by producers and network programmers around the world. Following The Tudors, The Borgias, Combat Hospital and The Pillars of the Earth, Transporter is the latest in the new wave of high-end drama series financed and produced outside of the U.S. that aims to attract audiences both in Europe and North America.

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alycakes2787d ago

If it's done right, I think tv is just waiting for a show like this. I love the movie series and I think it's a good story line to carry on to a tv series so as long as the story plots are good each week it should do really well. They need to remember to keep that action and the fight scenes going to. I'm sure he's no Jason Statham but from the work he's done he's probably been training and getting into shape for this part.

I hope it does make it because I would watch it.

Nes_Daze2787d ago

Might not come close to the film's success, but it might be decent. Every once and a while a tv show/series comes around and delivers, it's rare, but it can happen.

StarWarsFan2787d ago

I'm just wondering if it'll be the same without Jason Statham.

MinimeJer052787d ago

I forgot this was in production. Transporter always sounded like something that could be done on a high end TV channel, I just wonder like most what its going to be like without Statham.

alycakes2786d ago

This guy is good...he's done a lot of character acting before on tv and some movies too. I think you'll know right away who he is when you see him. I like him a lot but he's no Jason Statham for sure.....