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‘Warrior’ Director Gavin O’Connor Takes On ‘The Samurai’ And Stage Version Of ‘The Hustler’

"In a high-six-figure deal, Warner Bros has acquired The Samurai, a spec script that will be the next film directed by Warrior helmer Gavin O’Connor. The intention is to get it into production quickly, because O’Connor is also working on a stage play adaptation of The Hustler, the Walter Tevis novel that was turned into the 1961 pool hustler film that starred Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason."

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StarWarsFan3445d ago

The Samurai? I wonder if they'll be a samurai in it.

alycakes3444d ago

I just wonder if it's going to be anything like The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise....that was a good movie. It brought back my respect for Tom Cruise as an actor...he really put a lot of hard work and good acting into that movie. If it's going to be a true historical piece then I like stuff like that also.

MinimeJer053444d ago

Not sure about The Hustler. The Paul Newman version is a CLASSIC.