Puss In Boots Moves Its Release Date Up A Week

"Because Thanksgiving means bringing families together, it also means creating activities for kids to do before you feel the need to blow your brains out. This is why November tends to be a very child-friendly month of the year. This year alone the calendar is stuffed with titles like The Muppets, Happy Feet Two and Arthur Christmas. Naturally all of these films are going to be in heavy competition with each other, so one movie has decided to make a change."

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StarWarsFan3432d ago

I hope they have lots of great fresh material in this movie.

JL3432d ago

I have no desire to see this. Looks mediocre at best really. Saw another trailer when I went and saw Lion King last week and still did nothing for me.

MinimeJer053432d ago

Agreed. Looks pretty bad. Don't really care when they release it haha. It'll make money regardless.

alycakes3432d ago

I wasn't going to see this anyway. i have too many other movies yet to catch up on to bother with this one. I finally saw Warriors and Killer Elite and both were great but I still need to get to Money Ball and a couple of others.