The Daily Rotation - What's Your Number? Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Mainstream romantic comedies are a dime a dozen. They almost always play out exactly as planned with very little room to differentiate from the crowd. I admit that I enjoy a few a year, but I try and keep my distance from the lazy genre because most of the studios are more worried more about getting a popular actor or actress in a quick buck film than an actual good one. Chris Evans is hot right now in the movie world with Captain America in the bag and The Avengers coming up and Anna Faris is in desperate need of another film she can ruin so why not make What’s Your Number? The cast is really odd here, with tons of cameos from guys like Andy Samberg, Zachary Quinto, Aziz Ansari and even Faris’s real life boyfriend Chris Pratt, but none of that amounts to anything. In the end What’s Your Number? is another wasted R rated romantic comedy that follows the same beats as the films of the past without ever stopping to try and inject a little flavor in it."

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