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Christopher Nolan Is The Frontrunner For Warner Bros.' Planned Twilight Zone Movie

CinemaBlend says:

Back in 1983, four powerhouse film directors – Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller and Steven Spielberg – joined forces for Twilight Zone: The Movie. Each tackled a different segment, and the chapters were compiled into a cohesive thriller - and it was awesome.

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Crazay3439d ago

If theres anyone who can bring a wild and crazy Twilight Zone adventure to the screen successfully, it's going to be Nolan.

JL3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I love Nolan and think he's one of the greatest directors around today, if not of all-time, but I'm not so sure about this.

First, I don't think he'll even want to do it. He'll probably want to return to his own original ideas after finishing up another Batman movie. And you know he'll be able to do whatever he wants cause his stock is gonna rise even more after next summer.

Secondly, now I was never a big Twilight Zone person, but I always thought they all had this kind of eerie/scary/horror-ish type of vibe them. And I'm really not sure if that's a fitting style for him. Seems like it could possibly be a bit too quirky or out there for him.

He's an awesome director, so I think he could handle it. Just, again, not so sure it's very fitting of his style.

Another possible good one, though: Duncan Jones

Crazay3438d ago

One of the greatest today, I can buy that but I ain't biting on all time. That's a rather bold statement by you sir. I think it'd be awesome to see him do this if not for the reason that he wants to challenge himself and step out of his "style". I always thought of the Twilight Zone as a Sci-Fi/Horror thing and he;s proven he can do Sci-Fi(IMHO) with Inception.

JL3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

I'm not saying he is the greatest of all-time. Just saying he's gonna end up going down as one of the all-time greats.

And I'll agree he's showed he can do Sci-fi, but there is a difference between sci-fi and Twilight Zone brand of sci-fi/horror.

My point still remains, though, that I'm sure he'll want to get back to his own material after TDKR. It seems the pattern he has with WB is something like "I'll do one of yours, then one of mine, then one of yours, then one of mine". An alternating compromise or something. Until here soon he gets so big that he's just gonna do whatever he wants, when he wants, after the studio realizes that everything this man touches is gold and allow him free reign.

edwest3438d ago

Nolan's Twilight Zone: You mean dudes are gonna talk constantly, and act really stiffly?

Joking aside, Nolan seems far too po-faced to tackle Twilight Zone, the Landis/Dante/Spielberg/Miller movie was an uneven mess but the directors knew how to balance horror and comedy, they at least had charisma.

Nolan isn't right for this and no amount of hyperbole will change that, best to leave him to his toothpick counting sessions.

Quagmire3438d ago

Yay! I always loved The Scary Door!

koouunn3437d ago

much better than the twilight zone

koouunn3438d ago

i would love to see this happen BUT he is gonna want to do his own stuff after batman. he is gonna want to make some original scripts and get to work on something close to him, not saying twilight zone isnt but it is most likly not gonna happen

that being said, i am stil holding on hope that it does :D

IN NOLAN I TRUST (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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