NfamousGamers - Creature Review

Dr Chris "Creature, the new horror film from Bubble Factory staring famed horror actor Sid Haig (The Devil's Rejects) is a poor man’s Hatchet. One of the worst openings weekends in film history, the movie opened on 1000s of screens and barley pulled in $400,000. The movie is about a group of kids who go riding through this old swamp and meet the local redneck yokels. They learn the legend of a famed alligator man and decide to go investigate Scooby Doo-style. Two of the characters are brother and sister and have a rather incestual relationship which is pretty gross and creepy. They are also part of a plot to lure young virgins to the creature’s lair so they can be impregnated with its monster sperm… to continue its bloodline... once upon a time the thing was human…"

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