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How To Remake Scarface

Universal Pictures have recently announced their plans to create a new Scarface movie, continuing the trend of remakes and reboots which has become the norm in Hollywood.

While many associate the Scarface brand with the cocaine snorting, f-bomb dropping exploits of Tony Montana as played by Al Pacino in the 1983 Brian De Palma cult classic, Scarface was first brought to the big screen in the 1932 Howard Hawks original which starred Paul Muni as Chicago gangster Tony Camonte.

With almost 30 years passed since the last reinterpretation, Scarface is about to get another update. Matt’s Movie Reviews lays out the best, respectable way to get it remade.

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Quagmire4189d ago

Interesting take, although I'm not sure how a middle-eastern drug-lord living in post 9/11 Nyork well sit well with both Americans and Middle Easterns.

mpejko4189d ago

Hi Quagmire,

Thank you for your comment.

If you watch any documentaries on the 1983 Scarface, there was also much controversy over a Cuban druglord living in Miami circa 1980s from the Cuban community.

In short, regarldess of the ethnicity of the main character, controversy will follow. I guess that's what makes the Scarface movies so interesting in a social/political way.


koouunn4189d ago

how about no, i dont really understand the idea behind this remake, like did some1 not say hey maybe we shouldnt remake a great movie. maybe we should just leave it alone and do something else

but what ever, wat can u do to stop stuff like this from happening... who know maybe they will decide to remake the terminator or citizen kane or jurssic park or the godfather 1 day.

JL4189d ago

I'm not much for a remake either. Just leave it alone. I don't mind remakes of big budget/special effect driven movies that can benefit from the advancements in technology these days. However, this isn't one of them, and it still holds up perfectly well today.