A New Era Of Leading Men

Every generation features a group of leading men that represents the best of cinema and defines that era.

The 1970s saw the rise of the method giants De Niro, Pacino, Hoffman and Nicholson. The 1980s saw Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson combine box office with critical acclaim. The 1990s featured the likes of Tom Cruise, Sean Penn and Johnny Depp, and the noughties saw Russell Crowe, Christian Bale and Leonardo Di Caprio in top form.

Now a new era is upon us and if this crop of actors is any indication, the future looks bright indeed.

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alycakes4199d ago

Tom Hardy is on the top of my list as far as I'm concerned for the newer generation of leading men but I don't want to push away some of the others so fast. Johnny Depp still has a lot of years ahead of him.