Terminal Illness: How the Movies Handle Life's Toughest Subject

Player Affinity writes: Perhaps this point could be debated, but nothing is more cruelly unfair than serious illness. You can blame murder and war on people, but unless you’re a conspiracy theorist, you can’t sanely blame anyone when someone develops cancer or a similarly vile or fatal illness. Yes, some are preventable, but many simply aren’t.

Depressed yet? Hollywood is. You might be able to name tons of films where someone has such an illness, but few shine a spotlight on it and those that do twist it to a more public friendly genre. People don’t go to the movies to watch two hours of the stuff that already has or might ruin their lives, at least that’s what most studios think. And while they’re right, that doesn’t mean these subjects are incapable of providing a positive film experience — or even entertainment. From what we know about the new film 50/50, that would seem to be the goal.

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