New Line Officially Making New Mortal Kombat Movie With Kevin Tancharoen Directing

From TMP:

At long last, New Line has confirmed that they'll be bringing the Mortal Kombat franchise back to the big screen, bringing Kevin Tancharoen (from the webseries) along to direct it.

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StarWarsFan4193d ago

This movie could go downhill very fast.

darklordzor4193d ago

I am totally pumped for this. On the whole I enjoyed the web-series, even though it had a few flaws. I'm hoping that most of those flaws actually stemmed from lack of any real budget and won't be an issue on a studio backed film.

Let's just cross our fingers, because if this doesn't work, there's no chance WB will ever give it another shot.

Soldierone4193d ago

To be honest I am not too thrilled with him directing this movie. I mean the web series was good....for Youtube videos.

The acting was terrible, and in some cases I think it was more so his fault than the actors themselves. Plus the fight sequences were too forced in my opinion. "dropped my gun....LETS FIGHT!"

I think that commercial we had with Scorpion in the interrogation room would be a much better focus for this movie.

koouunn4193d ago

i do agree with most of it, but u cant judge it entirly because it was just a web series

i for 1 am stil holding out hope that it will be good,
something like the johnny cage episode will be magnificent

MinimeJer054192d ago

Really hope this one works out. God knows we need a good MK movie!