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Are Netflix Cancellations Slowing Down?

Piper Jaffray, an investment bank that expects Netflix's stock to return to $300, said today a survey of 250 of the video service's subscribers shows some positive signs for the beleaguered company.

To be sure, Jaffray researchers are drawing data from a tiny segment. Netflix is believed to have somewhere around 24 million subscribers. The bank said a survey of 350 subscribers in August--after Netflix had announced it would eliminate a subscriber plan that offered access to DVDs and streaming video, which would raise prices for some--showed that 15 percent of respondents planned to cancel.

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Soldierone3441d ago

I think a majority of it was nothing more than people talking smack and not following through. "raised your prices now im leaving! oh that didn't work? oh well"

Happens all the time. Plus Netflix made a come back rather fast. They offer games and now have Dreamworks signed to offer movies. Once that Starz deal expires I'm sure Netflix will spend that money on even more studios.

StarWarsFan3441d ago

I think Netflix is terrible at damage control.

JL3441d ago

I think people just whine too much, over stupid things. Yes, it sucks that I have to pay more now, just because,'s more money. But the price increase doesn't really bother me. And it's definitely not enough to make me want to boycott Netflix or anything. It's not like this is shady business practices or something.

The fact of the matter is this: Netflix started a new service (streaming) and to get people into it and hooked to it, they offered it free for an indefinite period of time by just tacking it on to your DVD subscription.

Eventually, popularity of the service became huge. As a result, costs to maintain and run the service became too much for Netflix to continue to give it away free. So, what do they do? They start finally charging for it. No big deal.

Seriously, people had to see this coming at some point. It shouldn't have been a surprise. Kids these days just have some messed up sense of entitlement. And if things don't go their way all the time, they want to rise up and revolt against the system.