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Resident Evil: Retribution's Johann Urb is Confirmed as Leon Kennedy

Shock Till You Drop says:

Although there has been much fan speculation already, it hasn't been confirmed until today who Johann Urb will play in Resident Evil: Retribution. It was known that his character is the "leader of a resistance group that unites with Jovovich's Alice to fight Umbrella." Today, however, Milla Jovovich used her Twitter account to confirm that Urb is, in fact, Leon Kennedy. "Looks just like him BTW!!" she writes. We agree. What do you think?

In the games, Leon Kennedy was part of the Raccoon City Police before certain events propelled him to be part of an underground anti-Umbrella organization.

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Prophet-Gamer3349d ago

Leon FTW!.... hmm, well the guy kinda does look like him, but I haven't seen the guy in anything so it's hard to say. Anyways, I for one enjoy the RE films so it's all good for me.

Crazay3349d ago

I've enjoyed the movies too but they're going with Las Plagas in this one and that shit pisses me off. I hate the way the games have gone and it feels like the movies might be headed that way too.

Prophet-Gamer3348d ago

Really? That kinda sucks, no more zombies. But still, should be a pretty good flick.

StarWarsFan3348d ago

Let's hope he doesn't follow the Kennedy Curse.

Crazay3348d ago

what's the Kennedy Curse?

alycakes3348d ago

I just want the movie to be good. The last one was okay but not as good as the first ones so I hope they step up on their writing of the story plot.

Crazay3348d ago

I think the last one was easily the weakest of them all and the Las Plagas was evident in that movie with the giant dude and the hammer.

alycakes3348d ago

Yep, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they come up with a good film this time though because I am a big fan of the Resident Evil movies. I never got into the games though so I don't have a clue about them.

Crazay3348d ago

The games are by and large awesome. My favorite fromt he games are the First 3. They've kinda moved away from the zombies and things that made the original games scary and such big hits.