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The Enders Game Movie Puts Out Casting Calls For 10 Characters — Including Ender

From i09:

It looks like the Ender's Game movie is really moving forward, with Gavin Hood (Wolverine) as director. The film put out a ton of casting calls a couple weeks ago, including all the major characters.

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StarWarsFan3446d ago

Gavin Hood really needs that one big Hollywood movie to put him on the map, not that he hasn't been given the chance to impress.

darklordzor3446d ago

Gavin Hood just needs to prove that he doesn't suck and that any problems with Wolverine weren't his fault. Honestly, I think too much studio involvement and a terrible script is what hindered Wolverine.

If I'm wrong, then we're screwed, but I'm really crossing my fingers for a good Ender's Game movie...we've been waiting a long time for it.