Dark Knight Rises Rumor Control: Scarecrow Cameo Revealed?

From TMP:

A couple of spy reports are coming in saying that Cillian Murphy has been spotted on the LA set of The Dark Knight Rises, meaning that his version of Scarecrow is somehow involved in the film. We'll take a look at this rumor and see how plausible it may be.

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darklordzor3439d ago

I can't say that I like the sound of the scene description; it sounds too hokey and cartoony. But I do hope Scarecrow has a slightly larger role. He's my favorite Batman villain and I just want more.

StarWarsFan3439d ago

I was surprised he didn't have a bigger part in The Dark Knight.

darklordzor3439d ago

Yeah me too. Though I will say that it wouldn't have made much sense in regards to that story. But seeing as how this one is supposed to tie back to the first film and complete the overall story, it might make sense for him to have a bigger role this time around.

MinimeJer053438d ago

I'm glad to hear about Scarecrow coming back. Really like how Nolan is handling his character.