Ghost Rider 2 Director Brian Taylor Talks 3D, Running Time, Deleted Scenes, Nic Cage and More

The Collider:
A few days ago, I got to sit down with director Brian Taylor for an exclusive interview on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. With a February 17, 2012 release date fast approaching, Taylor is currently in post-production finishing up the movie. However, while the movie is still almost five months from getting released, they already have a few deleted scenes and Taylor says the sequel will be 90 minutes (the original was 114).

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MinimeJer052791d ago

Damn. Was hoping someone was going to ask about the MPAA rating.

JL2791d ago

I'd say it's gonna be R-Rated. Given the way Taylor and Neveldine talked at SDCC and the footage they showed, I'd say that's the direction they're heading. They showed some fairly dark and "mature" stuff there (guess it depends on how uptight MPAA is at the time of screening).

Furthermore, I know the trailer they showed us at SDCC even had a tagline like "Spirit of Vengeance: Fucking Your Shit Up in 2012" or something like that.

Not to mention Taylor and Neveldine has only done R movies so far, no need in changing that now.

Plus this is Marvel Knights doing this and my understanding is they were made to do "darker" stuff than Marvel Studios and are all about letting artists work without constraints under that banner.

So yea, if I had to, I'd definitely bet on this one being rated R.

MinimeJer052790d ago

I keep forgetting that this one has the Marvel Knights tag. I'm looking forward to it! Glad to hear that Sony is letting them make the film THEY want to make.

Prophet-Gamer2791d ago

The movie looks a lot more gritty than the first one did. It actually kinda caught my attention.

StarWarsFan2791d ago

I'd like to see it longer than 90 minutes. Do they not have enough material to put in it?

JL2791d ago

I think 90 minutes is fine. I don't think they're going for any deep storytelling here. Just a fun, crazy time. 90mins is enough for that. Both Crank movies were about the same length.

Obviously they do have material, though, since he's talking about they already have deleted scenes.

alycakes2791d ago

I agree...90 minutes is more than enough and it is suppose to be R rated because it's going to be totally different than the first one they said. It will deal with the darker side and have a lot that they probably couldn't get past the ratings of PG13, Language, nudity,and violence.

Quagmire2789d ago

It definitely sounds more ambitious and exciting than the boring first film.