Ray Stevenson Talks Thor 2, G.I. Joe 2 And The Three Musketeers

The Geek Files:
RAY STEVENSON was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Northumberland, and now lives in Ibiza.

The 47-year-old attracted Hollywood's attention when he appeared in TV series Rome. His big-screen credits include two Marvel Comics adaptations - he played the vigilante title role in Punisher: Warzone and was the rotund Asgardian warrior Volstagg in Kenneth Branagh's Thor.

He's in the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel and will next be seen on screen in The Three Musketeers.

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StarWarsFan4193d ago

He's really hitting Hollywood hard lately.

alycakes4192d ago

Yeah...I didn't realize it was the same guy that did the Pushisher War Zone. I didn't care for that one but I've liked everything else he's done.

Deadpool6164189d ago

He's one of those "chameleon" type actors. You see him in a lot of movies, but he's hard to point out because he looks so different. Much like Gary Oldman. I like those type of actors abilities to change like that. More actors need to learn how to do that. :)