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Player Affinity writes: "Chickens were coming home to roost for Walter White in the latest episode of Breaking Bad, and he was the one ending up in the fryer. With “Crawl Space” no matter what the doomed chemist did, he couldn't escape the fate he's been fearing since even before he saw what Gustavo can do with a box cutter. Powerful doesn't begin to describe the performance we received from Bryan Cranston as he portrayed the meltdown that has been building for more than a season and that can only be described as nuclear."

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Crazay3440d ago

I liked the review you posted for this episode. Having just watched it last night I felt all of the same feelings the reviewer (I assume it's the poster) had.

The Fit is truely hitting the shan right now and I'm left wondering if Walt's only recourse is to off Jesse.

NovusTerminus3440d ago

I just started watching this on Netflix... Love it so far!

Prophet-Gamer3440d ago

Dude, people have been telling me it's a great show. I really need to find some time to watch it.

Brownghost3440d ago

me too just watched the pilot yesterday and it was amazing hope they add more episodes on netflix

NovusTerminus3439d ago

The show just started Season 4. Which means Netflix has all of the it, minus what is currently airing.

Bull5hifT3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I watched all the episodes on netflix, its an awesome show, Hal also did a good job in that movie laptops being a B!tch so im trying to get season 4 somewhere on my PS3, all i know is jessie didnt kill that nerd guy, and gus wants walt Dead' walt just shot that drug dealer in the head ' hes turning sorta evil, theres alotta luck in the show a few times when things seemed like there was no way in hell, those two drug cartel brothers were Badass, im mexican american and i never liked those banana looking shoes , i hate the wife she a real annoying B!tch ... He did it for the family and she just slept with her boss' I also liked TUKO's acting that guy is Badass also, loved Training Day... Ever had your Shyt Pushed in?

WitWolfy3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Jesse did kill the nerd guy Gus wanted to replace Walt with in the end of the 3rd season. Dont know what show you watched. But he certainly killed that dude, he even went into depression after doing it throwing parties and getting wasted the whole time trying to forget it ever happened.

I love Jesse a real diamond in the rough that guy

Veni Vidi Vici3440d ago

I guess I'm in the minority here but I think this season is the worst yet. BB was my favorite show but now, I can't even finish some episodes.

The first 3 season were perfect. This one...awful. Only a few moments that I found entertaining. They need to wrap up the show soon or it's just going to get even more convoluted.