Crosstalk TV Review: Terra Nova

Fox, has always been the studio to take a chance on a high concept series. Terra Nova, is about ambitious as you can get. The series is being produced by some heavy hitters in the industry. Brannon Braga,from Star Trek fame, works as the show runner. Of course super producer Stephen Spielberg will surely get his way though.

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alycakes2790d ago

It was a good show and I'll keep watching it or recording it but it's also not exceptional. I can turn away is what I'm saying. If and when my regular shows all come back and fall into their regular time slots then I'll go back to my regular watching schedule.. this show will take second to whatever I was watching in that time slot before.

nonameken2790d ago

Yeah, that is what is going to hurt this show. With such a large budget, and taking a back seat to others shows is going to stop this show from being renewed.
Now it does only have a 13 planned episodes. So when your others shows come back this one should be wrapping up.