Top 10 John Williams Movie Scores

Ben Cooper wrote:

"John Williams, the man with more Academy Award nominations than any other living human being, and the winner of 21 Grammy’s, 7 BAFTA’s, 4 Golden Globes and 5 Oscars. He is the undisputed master of melodies. John Williams has been scoring films and TV shows since 1958 and has so far 137 titles to his name. Doing a top 10 of this man’s masterful work is not for the faint hearted."

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Prophet-Gamer2791d ago

John Williams is simply.. a master.

StarWarsFan2790d ago

Has that man done anything wrong?

JL2790d ago

He's definitely a legend. I'd have to put Hans Zimmer right up there with him, though. Williams benefits from his work being featured in some of the most iconic films of the past. Not to take away from him...just saying.

I'd have to disagree too. I think the Superman theme should be higher up for the iconic status of it alone. And I would have to put Jaws first. Two note motif that reaches an iconic status, perfectly captures the tone and incites fear in thousands just from hearing it.....that is absolute genius.

But definitely, Hans Zimmer I'd put right up there with him. And Danny Elfman wouldn't be too far behind them for me.